After MTV revealed 16 and expectant in 2009 visitors couldn’t wait to see the drama.

After MTV revealed 16 and expectant in 2009 visitors couldn’t wait to see the drama.

The show soon after 16-year-old expecting adolescents through heartbreaking decisions like offering their own babies up for adoption, leaving of the family property, and finishing school is the very first of their sort and a questionable people at this.

Experts feared the tv show glorified teenager maternity and cautioned ladies happened to be getting expecting hoping they may be in the television show.

Inspite of the backlash, the program promoted five effective periods plus a few Teen Mom twist offs appropriate teens like emerald Portwood and Farrah Abraham, that have come to be full blown superstars (and sex sites performers). Exactly what taken place on the less popular ladies of 16 and expectant?

Many ladies have actually four youngsters, some had problems with regulations, and regrettably one tragically passed away. Read on to see in which they might be today.

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Kayla Jordan

Which they were: Kayla Jordan, a charm pageant contestant which appreciated ponies and firing firearms, appeared on month 2. While she was at senior school she got expecting by the woman boyfriend J.R. and he suggested to the woman from the tv show. Jordan got reluctant to stepping into his household because she ended up being dependent on the girl moms and dads and did not wish to quit that way of living. Who does!

Why They failed to Have a spin-off: Jordan took they Twitter to discuss her fury that the woman season of 16 And expectant don’t become a spin-off. She tweeted, “You know what truly will get me personally? Seeing most of these more ‘teen mothers’ render good money and move on to manage cool information but all of our period just adopted skipped want it ended up being absolutely nothing.” Ouch!

In which Are They today: In a unique interview with RadarOnline this season Jordan described just how she no more decided a teen and discussed a number of this lady fight juggling class and a baby. Kayla and J.R separated and she came across someone new named Zach Bedwell and got interested. They’d a son named Bryce in 2015 nevertheless the pair parted means and she met another people, Dakota Jones. The couple have partnered and she announced in April 2018 that this woman is expecting child number three.

Lizzie Waller

Whom They Were: Lizzie Waller got a Virginia teenager in period 2 and had gotten pregnant by the woman date Skylar Sickles. She got driven to achieve the woman music aspirations but got an unrealistic look at what maternity designed for her as a teenager. She believe every thing was going to end up being perfect and also overlooked Sickles cheat on tv show.

Exactly why They don’t bring a spin-off: Followers cannot think this lady decision to forgive this lady date after he cheated on the with her buddy and blasted the girl for this. Waller remained of social networking with the exception of a personal Twitter levels and mostly disappeared from the public attention following program broadcast.

Where Will they be Now: Waller and Sickles’ drama persisted until they eventually divorced 2 years after engaged and getting married. Fortunate for Waller she found Dave Mortensen who’s three young children of their own in addition to couples try engaged. It had been final stated that she is pursuing a profession as a dental associate, doing evening sessions plus took on a brand new hobby—skydiving! Although she most likely must give the woman brand-new activity a rest because she got anticipating kids number 2 with Mortenson in Summer 2018.

Jamie McKay

Exactly who dig this these were: Jamie McKay is a 17 yr old elderly from new york and starred on month 3. She ended up being an honor scholar and on college student council but got pregnant by the woman date Ryan McElrath. Unfortuitously McElrath was actually in pretty bad shape from the beginning and would frequently battle with her mommy about his attitude. McElrath could disregard McKay and she couldn’t get him when she went into labor. He ultimately turned up hungover five hrs afterwards to the hospital. Whenever she gone back to college she also discovered that he was indeed cheat on her behalf for a couple of several months. McKay didn’t have a father growing up-and planned to keep attempting but stop the relationship and decided to allow process of law decide their own guardianship arrangement.

The reason why They Didn’t become a Spin Off: Mckay and McElrath got a nasty guardianship struggle with accusations of dui and cocaine misuse. Amongst the 2 ones they certainly were additionally detained 4 days in 2011. MTV circulated a unique webisode catching up with all the ladies from month 3 where they certainly were capable talking candidly about birth control and their lives and McKay expose that she went back to school fulltime.

In which Will they be today: regardless of the custody conflict McKay got back combined with McElrath. In 2012 McKay uploaded a photo of an ultrasound declaring that she endured a miscarriage, but afterwards acknowledge that she got an abortion. The couple had the next youngsters in 2015 subsequently split up once and for all after. McKay discover appreciate once more and begun matchmaking a guy for many years named David. The happy couple have interested and offered delivery their first son or daughter in June 2018.

Valerie Fairman

Who these were: Valerie Fairman got very expected episodes for the season after a truck was launched of the woman yelling at her infant’s daddy Matt Pryce. Pryce didn’t believe Neveah ended up being their despite them “having gender, A GREAT DEAL” and she needed to become a DNA test to prove they. Fairman ended up being an attractive girl along with her mood and behavior towards the lady mothers ended up being noted because the month proceeded.

Why They failed to Have a Spin Off: Fairman’s mothers expected she got never ever done the program and she ended up being detained for presumably assaulting their mother after they ended filming. She had been bullied on line on her behalf every step together with fame was a great deal to deal with.

Where Are They today: Unfortunately for Fairman and 16 and Pregnant neighborhood this lady life ended in catastrophe. She ended up being detained for prostitution in 2015 which made national headlines, and battled with medicine habits. She was at and of rehabilitation for 5 age before she overdosed inside her friend’s restroom. Their daughter Neveah today lives along with her grandmother and brings the woman mom ashes in a locket.

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